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Job Description of a Cruise Ship Maitre ‘D

Of the many jobs aboard a cruise ship, the maître d may be the most visible. The maître d cruise ship oversees the dining aboard the vessel which includes seating the guests. They also interact directly with diners to address their needs. The maître d job description is one of service, but it is also a noble profession that when performed diligently leads to respect from crew, staff, and those sailing aboard the cruise ship.

Maitre D Job Description

The maître d’hotel as it is formally known is the host of the dining room in the cruise ship. The maître d is the first person normally seen by guests. The duties of the maître d are as follows:

  • Ensures Reservation
  • In Charge of Schedules
  • Supervises Food & Beverage Staff
  • Sets Up for Each Meal
  • Seats the Guests
  • Handles Questions and Complaints from Guests

Under the maître d in terms of supervision are waiters, assistant waiters, and assistant maître d personnel. The kitchen staff is under the charge of the chef but works with the maître d in the process of preparation and delivery of the food to the guests.

Sometimes called “people skills”, this is crucial to the job requirements of the maître d. They will have to deal with all sorts of situations and personalities while remaining calm and reassuring.

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Benefits & Salary

The salary of a typical cruise ship maître d is from $3,000 to $5,000 every month. The exact salary will depend on the cruise line, the capacity of the cruise ship, and the hours and demands placed on the maître d. Larger cruise ships will often have assistant maître ds to handle much of the seating while the maître d remains in charge of the overall staff.

Benefits will include health insurance, paid vacation, and other perks depending on the cruise ship line. There is also the benefit of being on the sea and enjoying time off depending on the size and staff of the cruise vessel.

Job Requirements of Cruise Ship Maitre D

A typical maître d will not have any formal educational requirements. Many will work their way up from waiters to maître ds, so experience is the most important factor. Keep in mind that the experience may come from restaurant or dining establishments. The nuances of a specific cruise ship will often be taught on the job.

One of the basic requirements is the ability to change plans on the spot when needed. Although preparation and scheduling are crucial, sometimes even the best laid plans may go awry. Therefore, a maître d needs to stay calm in a crisis and act when needed.

The maître d job description is generally the same for most cruise ships. The key is experience with many a maître d cruise ship having risen from waiter to assistant maître d in the process. For those interested in pursuing this career, a bachelor’s degree in food management or hospitality can be helpful, but not required for the job.

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