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Job Description of a Cruise Ship Photographer

If you like taking pictures and going on trips all the time, then becoming a Cruise Ship Photographer can be a very good idea. Most Cruise Ships will hire multiple photographers and bring in all kinds of amazing benefits. That really helps a lot and it goes to show the great value and quality provided this way.

Job description

You will need to take photos of the passengers during the cruise, and your focus has to be on delivering professional images at a very good quality. You can record the passengers in various activities. The Photographer might also need to take photos for special events like anniversaries, birthdays, weddings and many others.

If you want to be a successful Cruise Ship Photographer, then you have to sell photos. Around 100% of your revenue comes from sales commissions. You can also sell photo supplies and gear, portraits and you can even initiate photo shoots. Since you are on a cruise ship, versatility is very important for the best possible results and experience.

Aside from taking photos, you will also need to make sure that you edit the photos. Once you took the pictures, they will need things like enhancing brightness, adding borders, maybe even including a logo, changing the contrast and so on. You do need to take your time improving all the photos to make them perfect and ready to go. That will help bring in more sales, since all customers will be very happy with the results.

You are a part of the ship staff, so you need to have a very professional appearance. Usually you will need to wear a uniform and you need to assist passengers with all their needs and requirements. Passenger safety is imperative here, and you will need to understand and assist people as much as possible while on board of the ship. At the same time, you do need to manage your time and ensure that you have enough time to help everyone. Being a Photographer on a cruise ship can be a great experience, but it can also be very time-consuming. Once you understand the cruise ship photographer job description, you will know exactly what this job requires from you.

Benefits and salary

You get paid around $700 or more plus commissions and meals, not to mention you have a place to stay. It’s not the best paid position, but it’s important to keep that in mind. You do have the opportunity to go anywhere in the world, and you don’t have to pay for a ticket to be on the ship. A Photographer will work up to 10 hours per day, every day of the week for multiple months. That means you need to have patience and you need to be ok with being confined on the ship.

Job requirements

  • Anyone that wants to be a Cruise Ship Photographer needs to have a professional digital camera with at least a lens, if not more.
  • You also need a few years of experience as a professional photographer.
  • Since you are on a cruise ship, you need to be outgoing, all while having great sales skills.

You also need to be ready in case of any emergency, so any safety or emergency focused skills are good to have.


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