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Cruise Ship Director Job Description

Riding a cruise is a luxurious dream that many people want. But what if you get a job on a cruise? Instead of paying to ride the cruise, you will get paid for the same. For many, this is a future career path that they want to pursue. They want to be part of the cruise staff that takes care of the people riding it.

One of the major jobs in this hospitality is played by the Cruise Director. They not only provide care and hospitality to the customers but also manage the staff. Here’s what you need to know about a Cruise Director before applying for jobs.


What is a cruise director?

A Cruise Director is a senior officer of a cruise ship who takes care of all the individuals on board. They take care of social events and ensure that all the individuals have a memorable time while on the cruise. In some way, the directors are the face of the cruise company. He is answerable to the hotel’s director.

The Cruise Director is the most visible staff on the cruise. They make sure that all the passengers are enjoying and take care of any issues with services. Most Directors usually start as Assistant Cruise Directors. Then make their way up as Cruise Directors.


How to become a cruise director?

Becoming a cruise director is no easy feat. It requires years of experience in the hospitality industry, and a thorough know-how of cruise ship lifestyle and everyday routine. Required relevant education is also a must. Having all these things placed right, you can become a successful cruise ship director.

The first step is to gain experience in customer-facing roles. This requires years, please mind it. This could include working as a waiter, bartender, or even a tour guide. Once you have gained some experience, it is time to start learning about the cruising lifestyle. This means familiarizing yourself with popular cruise destinations, as well as understanding the needs of cruise passengers.

Finally, be responsible, proactive and flexible because of the loads and challenges you will face as a director. The role of cruise director is tough yet exciting. With the ability to think on your feet and handle any situation, you will be well on your way to becoming a cruise director.

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What is assistant cruise director?

Since, for becoming a Cruise Director, being an Assistant Cruise Director first can help, here’s all you need to know about an Assistant Cruise Director.

Cruise directors organize social events, whereas assistant cruise directors mingle directly with the passengers in these events and even on normal days. In business, this is called “swanning.” Their position is to assist and support the cruise director in managing the cruise crew. As assistant cruise directors need to mingle with the passengers, they need to have social skills. They need to act as a perfect host to all the passengers traveling on the cruise.

They are the right hand of the cruise director, which helps them learn more so that they can prepare to take the position of cruise director in the future.


What does a cruise director do?

The basic job description of a cruise director is- 

  • To make sure that the passengers are entertained and are having a good time on the cruise.
  • To guide and supervise the staff working under them.

Apart from these, there are many more responsibilities that a cruise director has. When the cruise is sailing, a cruise director is responsible for entertaining the passengers. As they are the representative of their hotel company, they need to do a good job in hospitality to maintain their company’s reputation.


List of Cruise line director duties and responsibilities

A cruise director has the following duties and responsibilities:

  • They are accountable to the hotel manager/director.
  • Is the main host of every event on the cruise and is also known as Master of Ceremonies. Also holds special events like Captain’s Cocktail Party, Welcome Aboard Shows, etc.
  • Responsible for overlooking and guiding the other crew staff. They need to build an efficient team so that that team can help assist the director. The team should be capable of helping the passengers with their activities and informing them about changes in events.
  • Training of the staff under their supervision also falls under the job description of a cruise director.
  • The cruise directors also read through the comments left by the passengers and build improvement plans around them.
  • Has the responsibility of making announcements on the Public Address System.
  • Conducting timely meetings with different department heads to discuss policies and approach various opportunities and solutions.
  • Coaches and oversees the rehearsals for various performances held on the cruise. They do so to see that the reputation of the cruise and the hotel is maintained.

Making sure that all the events align with the itinerary and are properly integrated with the products offered on the ship.



The salary of a cruise director can get ranges from $5,800 – $7,500 per month. According to the ZipRecruiter, the monthly average salary of a cruise ship director is $5,265 whereas annual avg. pay is $63,185. It can differ based on the cruise line and how long the director has been in this job.


Job Requirements

To be eligible for a cruise director job, you need to have the following qualification and skills. It also applies to an assistant director looking to become a cruise director in the future.



  • Having at least a Bachelor’s Degree. The majors can be business, hospitality management, communication, or theater. Having a Bachelor’s Degree is the only criterion. The degree can be in any related major.
  • Experience is important. Having a minimum of 5 years of experience working in a reputable hotel, cruise ship, resort, or in the entertainment or recreation industry.
  • Having experience as a Master of Ceremony and professional entertainer is also a plus.

Skill requirements

  • Having a great command on their verbal and written skills.
  • Knowing the native language and English language. Knowledge of any other additional language will also act as a plus point.
  • Having excellent communication and interpersonal skills. Should be able to handle issues and are quick to make proper decisions and coming up with solutions.
  • Having customer servicing skills as well as team-building skills is necessary.

And to be able to manage the entire cruise, management and conflict resolution skills will also be helpful. The applicant should be able to work in a multicultural work environment.


Where to find cruise ship director jobs?


Looking for a cruise director job in the USA, try checking out the job listing on websites like


Want to apply for a cruise director post and is actively looking for websites to apply for one. Here’s a small list


Want to build a career in a cruise line in India? These few websites may help get the job that fits you. Check out

  • LinkedIn
  • Cruise Careers
  • Shine
  •, etc.

Middle East

Use the following websites to get a cruise director job in the Middle East:

  • CatererGlobal
  •, etc.

South Africa

Some of the websites that actively have cruise line jobs in South Africa are:

  • Cruise Job Finder
  • MSC cruises, etc.

East Asia (Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines)

Starting your cruise line career in East Asia and want to know few websites to apply in. Here’s a list-

  • star cruises
  •, etc.


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