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How to Write a CV for a Cruise Ship Job?

Does your CV represent your skills well enough? Are you continuously applying and still waiting for interview calls? Your CV must reflect your eligibility for the job applied. If you’re not getting an interview call, it is time to consider a makeover of your CV. Here we will shed some light on how to present your skills and write a great CV for a cruise ship job.

The focus of your CV or resume is get noticed by someone who is the hiring authority. You have to show up yourself among the mass of the applicants. Besides your qualification and personality, the thing which matters is how good you puff up yourself on the paper. With an ordinary CV, you would hardly get an interview call.

For starters, does your resume fully represent your experience? It doesn’t mean listing every job you’ve had since you were old enough to work, that’s just boring! Instead, you want to expand massively on jobs that have relevance to the cruise job that you are applying for.

Tips for CV writing – for cruise ship job seekers

Here are some tips for crafting a great CV for you. These tips would be helpful for your next interview call from a cruise ship hiring manager.

1: Mention experience: Relevant

Are you sure your CV represent your experience thoroughly? Well, you don’t need to mention every job you have been doing since you started, that’s just uninspiring! Rather you would provide details of your experience relevant to the cruise job you’re applying for. Provide details of your tasks and responsibilities for each cruise line you worked for; and you are good to catch the eye!

2: Mention skills: Relevant

Present your skills that are going to be perfectly relevant to the employer’s needs. Instead of just listing the common job descriptions, discuss your achievements with well defined details. This will help gain attention of the recruitment manager. Express about your previous job performances and how they are going to be helpful for your next employer.

3: Provide reasoning: Why you?

Think in the shoes of the hiring manager. Who are you and why should he consider you? Find the answer and include that in your CV. The reader should have clear idea about you, and why you’re the right profile. Provide the reason how you are different from other candidates and why you are the best person for the job.

4: Make it read well

From top to bottom, your CV should flow well. You do not want to add monotonous details, boring or complicated. Your profile on the paper should be reflecting your personality and energy. Another thing to consider is the format of your CV. Add small easy to read paragraphs, sections and bullets. If you are not receiving interview calls, chances are it’s just a piece of paper not you exactly.

Rethinking skills for the desired cruise job

Rethink about your current skills for your desired ship job. Did you possess those skills? Did you get the prerequisite trainings for the job in question? Having hands on the necessary skills is another one thing to make your CV outstand from others.

You have earned the relevant skills through your academic education, your life experiences, and mostly from your previous jobs. Now while crafting your CV, it becomes highly important how you promote your relevant skills. If you are adding a cover letter, that too should speak of your job skills. Consider the responsibilities of the job you are applying for and then mention your expertise against them.

For example good cooking skills can be evidenced by reviews you’ve earned for your recipes or an experience certificate from your previous employer. A YouTube channel with decent number of subscribers can also be a proof of your skills for a cruise ship chef job.

Being skillful on MS Word or Excel can provide you an edge for a computer related job in a sea ship company. Similarly, if you have practical skills on how to use MS Powerpoint can be helpful for a Sales or Marketing related job in a cruise line.

A training on Public speaking adds great value to those giving presentations in their job. If you have good speaking skills, it can also help you talk with guests confidently and welcoming them onboard.

There are lots of job positions in a cruise line such as director, photographer, captain, attendant, Maitre’D and many more. Each position has different job requirements and descriptions but one thing common each of these require is having relevant skills and experience.

Hope this all helps you writing a great CV for your next cruise ship job.

Have a great luck!

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