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Where to Find Cruise Ship Apprenticeships?

Many young people dream of working on a cruise ship, but don't know where to start. Cruise ship apprenticeships are a great way to...

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Is It Hard to Work on a Cruise Ship? Pros and Cons | Realities

Working on a cruise ship is a dream for many, but is it as glamorous as it seems or is it very hard actually? In...

Story of Seawise Giant – The Largest Ship Ever Sunk

You must be aware of the story when the largest passenger ship Titanic sank. The ship that was said to be "unsinkable" but it...

Passengers Shocked After Carnival Cruise Ship Tilts to Its One Side at Sea

Cruise ship trips are meant to be fun and relaxing. However, passengers on a Carnival Cruise during October 2018 had a different story to...

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Celebrity Solstice Cruise Ship

Here're interesting facts, information and all about Celebrity Solstice cruise ship you need to know.   History "Celebrity" cruise line was formed back in 1988 by a...

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