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Guide: How to Get a Cruise Ship Job with No Prior Experience?

Are you eager to get a job in the cruise ship industry but have no prior experience and feel like you are at a dead end? Don’t worry, you can still find success! With an abundance of job opportunities available on cruise ships, getting your dream job is easier than ever.

In this blog post, we will show you how to land a job without any experience – from which companies to apply with and how to create standout applications all the way through interview tips and advice. Whether your goal is to work in hospitality or entertainment onboard a luxury liner, let’s jump right into our guide for first timers!



1. Research different cruise lines and positions

With so many different cruise lines spread around the globe, researching which ones may be a good fit for someone’s skills and interests can be daunting. Cruise lines offer jobs such as bartending, entertainment, hotel management, director, teaching art classes, finance management and more.

Fortunately, many companies provide detailed listings of their job positions and the qualifications they are looking for – this is a great starting point in narrowing down potential opportunities.

Beyond those descriptions, it’s also important to learn about the culture of the cruise line; evaluating things like their customer service goals, employee engagement activities, and onboard entertainment offerings can help give a better insight into whether or not an individual will be happy working there.

Taking these steps in advance of applying to a position can make the job search process much more successful. Equipped with knowledge and understanding, it’s much easier to find exactly what one is looking for in terms of working on a sea ship.



2. Tailor your resume and cover letter

Landing a cruise ship job especially when you are a fresher is no easy feat. But with the right tools at your disposal you can increase your chances of success. One of the most important steps you can take is to customize both your CV and cover letter to suit the requirements of the cruise line you are applying to.

Doing this will demonstrate that you have taken an extra effort to showcase your skills and abilities in relation to the job posting.

Customizing these documents will also show off your expertise for maritime or hospitality roles as well as give insight into why hiring you would be beneficial for their business. This attention to detail will have recruiters eager to bring you on board.

When writing your CV, it’s important to include evidence of your skills and education, even if they are not directly related to cruise ship industry. Highlight any customer service, teamwork, or leadership experience. The more effectively you can showcase these desirable qualities, the more favorably employers will be inclined to view your CV.


3. Submit your application and prepare for the interview

3.1. Follow application process for the specific cruise line

Submitting your job application is relatively straightforward, but to ensure you have the best chance at securing an interview, it’s important to be thorough and comprehensive.

Begin by ensuring you provide a current resume which highlights relevant past work experience and contains references who can attest to the quality of your work.

Adhere to the guidelines specified when applying, such as file format, word limits, and requested attachment responsibilities.

3.2. Research about the hiring cruise company and prepare for interview

Before the interview, take some time to research the company in question so that you can demonstrate an understanding of their goals and values.

Finally, practice common interview questions beforehand with another person or even in front of a mirror – this will help boost your confidence during the actual process. A positive attitude during the submission process as well as on the day of your scheduled interview will be sure to improve your chances for achieving success!


4. Consider obtaining additional certifications or training

If you’re looking to stand out among the competition and increase your chances of landing a job on a cruise ship, obtaining additional certifications or training may be just the ticket.

Many companies are looking for staff members with substantial experience, so reducing that learning curve by demonstrating that you already have some knowledge in certain areas can be a real plus. Not only might this give you an edge over other applicants, but acquiring new skills and credentials also enhances your professional options when it comes to other industries.

By making yourself more well-rounded, you may even find yourself eligible for positions that were previously out of reach.


5. Network with relevant people-consider internships or entry-level positions

Connecting with people in the cruise industry is an important step in pursuing a career within the field.

With the ongoing global pandemic, finding an apprenticeship or entry-level role may be a bit more challenging right now. However, by having conversations with the relevant people—hiring managers, veterans, and interns in your target positions—you can gain valuable insider insight into the available opportunities and be better equipped to find your suitable role.

Additionally, investing time into researching cruise companies and associated businesses can help you further hone your knowledge of such jobs and develop an invaluable network of contacts that may open up doors for future roles.

Taking these steps will certainly increase your chances of success when applying for internships or entry-level roles within the cruise industry.


Salary for Working on a Cruise Ship

Cruise ship workers can expect to earn a steady income while gaining valuable experience working in the cruise industry.

Average wages range widely, depending on position and experience. For instance, cruise line waiters receive an average salary of $28,000 per year, camp counselors typically make $11 per hour, and cruise ship chefs can take in up to $52,000 annually.

A crew member can earn from $16,000 to $20,000, while management staff on a cruise ship usually make between $30,000 and $100,000 an year.

No matter what cruise ship role an individual holds, they can often benefit from additional bonuses such as tips and vacation stipends! Working on a cruise ship is an exciting adventure that pays well too!


Some of the Biggest Cruise Hiring Agencies

There are many hiring agencies available for cruise ships looking for new staff members. From chef to waiter, cleaner to entertainer and a director, they provides positions for all.

Some of the most prominent ones include Cast A Way, who specializes in finding jobs with the biggest cruise lines in the industry and has been working in this field since 1998.

CTI Group is another reliable choice, offering a wide variety of positions, such as waiters and housekeeping staff, to offer for its candidates. Ismira Recruitment is yet another option with a vast database of jobs in the leisure marine industry.

Finally, Cruceros Bonavista from South America, is another recruitment agency that caters to high profile cruise liners such as Royal Caribbean, NCL, and Carnival Cruise Lines. In other words, there’s no shortage of great options when it comes to finding a job on board a cruise ship!


Frequently Asked Questions

Can I work on a ship with no experience?

It’s possible to get a job on a ship with no previous experience, though it will likely be in roles like cleaning or maintenance. However, the good news is that many seafaring positions offer training and certifications on the job.

Many companies that operate ships, from luxurious cruise lines to serious cargo shipping operations, look for candidates with a hard-working attitude and an eagerness to learn.. It may require dedication and hard work to get your foot in the door, but there are plenty of legitimate opportunities out there if you’re willing put in the effort.


What qualifications are needed to work on a cruise ship?

Working on a cruise ship is a very popular job as it allows travelers to see the world while getting paid. However, to qualify for such an exciting opportunity, applicants must possess many essential qualifications.

These qualifications include having good customer service skills, being physically fit and able to work in difficult weather conditions, maintaining a cheerful attitude even in difficult situations, and possessing relevant certifications or training whenever required.

Additionally, some cruise lines prefer individuals that speak multiple languages or have different dining service and kitchen experience. Those who meet all these qualifications are typically rewarded with an excellent salary package that may include accommodation and meals on board as well as other benefits.


How do you get hired on a cruise ship?

Before you can get a job aboard, however, you’ll need to understand the application process. Start by researching what kinds of positions are available on cruise ships and determine which ones fit your experience and skillset.

You should also consider looking into any specific requirements that may be associated with certain job roles. Next, take the time to craft an impactful resume focusing on these qualifications and highlighting accomplishments that could make you stand out to potential employers. Once this is completed, find legitimate websites where you can apply for openings on cruise ships – research each one carefully so you know it’s legit before submitting your application.

As long as you’re patient and persistent during your search, taking the appropriate steps should help in securing yourself a job on board!


What is the lowest paying job on a cruise ship?

Working on a cruise ship can be highly lucrative for some, but at the other end of the scale are those with the lowest paying jobs. Generally, these positions involve cleaning and housekeeping responsibilities.

These staff members often take care of guest laundry, vacuum and mop floors, restock shelves, replenish supplies and wipes fixtures in public bathrooms. Some craftspeople find opportunities on cruise liner staff as well, though their compensation is low.

Examples include working as a painter or seamstress in crew cabins or a carpenter in various parts of the vessel. Though pay is low for these roles, many use cruise ships as a good stepping stone to launch their careers in hospitality or maritime services.


How many hours a day do cruise ship workers work?

Life onboard a cruise ship can be hectic for the workers, as they typically work 14-18 hours a day depending on the cruise line. While this may seem like a long time, nearly all of these hours are split into multiple shifts so that employees have time off each day to explore the ship and relax. This allows them to have unique experiences that most other jobs cannot provide! Even with long work days, rolling onto port in different places each day makes life aboard a cruise ship exciting and fulfilling.


Is working on a cruise ship worth it?

You have the opportunity to see the world, connect with people from different countries, and make some extra money along the way. Moreover, you get to take part in creating experiences for guests that will help them create lifelong memories. However, it is important to consider that the hours can be long and working on a cruise ship can be difficult at times due to high demand from passengers and crew alike. Nevertheless, if you weigh out all of the pros and cons beforehand, working on a cruise ship may just be worth it in the end.


Where to Find Cruise Ship No Experience Jobs?

Got how to get sea ship job without experience?

Now it’s time to seek vacant positions and real life opportunities on a cruise ship.

Here are some of the best platform where you can pick your dream entry level sea ship job.

  1. Indeed – Cruise Ship Jobs without Experience
  2. ZipRecruiter – No Experience Cruise Jobs
  3. Windrose Network – Entry Level Cruise Ship Positions


Take away:

All in all, pursuing a career in the cruise line, especially without any experience requires a strategic and diligent approach.

Carefully researching possible cruise lines and positions, tailoring your resume and cover letter to the position and preparing for an interview are key to gaining employment.

Additionally, obtaining certifications or undergoing additional training are important steps to take.

Lastly, networking and considering internships or entry-level positions can also help you land that dream job in the cruise line industry. With the proper research and dedication, who knows how long it will take until you can be rubbing elbows with passengers on a prestigious cruise ship.

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